• Welcome to Release and Recover

    Welcome to Release and Recover

    Release and Recover is a Health and Wellness Coaching Service created by Ramona Melvin, Founder of The Healing Grapevine Network.

    After recovering from Lyme Disease without the use of Antibiotics, Ramona created a recovery system which consists of products and therapies that actually increased her vitality . . . while getting rid of the things that didn’t.

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    Let Ramona help you regain your vitality and sparkle for life!

  • The Girl Who Turned The World of Fitness Upside Down

    The Girl Who Turned The World of Fitness Upside Down

    This advertising campaign became legendary in the Sports and Fitness World as readers were baffled by the aerial trick it appeared Ramona was performing to make this such a “Money Shot”.

    As many athletic shoe companies do, Pony Shoes usually chose professional athletes for their ad campaigns; however, the overwhelming interest in this
    shot led Ramona to become one of Pony Shoes more popular spokesperson/fitness models and she traveled for years doing guest appearances at Trade shows and Expos around the country.

    What was the secret to Ramona’s acrobatic maneuver?

    It was much easier than you may think!


  • Women’s Sports and Fitness Cover

    Women’s Sports and Fitness Cover

    During the many years of Ramona’s presence in the Sports and Fitness Industry, she designed elite exercise programs for the illustrious NYC clientele of the “Equinox Health Clubs”.

    She created safe protocols for women who were pregnant, injury rehab programs for both the over-trained or trauma cases and inspiration to all around her, who to this day will say she was instrumental in helping them become motivated to live a healthier life.

  • Nordica Ski Boot Poster Campaign

    Nordica Ski Boot Poster Campaign

    This shot was used for a poster campaign for Nordica Ski Boot titled, “For The Fit”.

    Originally, the clients wanted professional bodybuilder and the 1980 Ms. Olympia Champion, Rachel Mclish.

    Rachel was semi-retired and unavailable, and since Ramona was at the height of her athletic conditioning and career, she happily took her place!

  • Ramona on UltraSport Fitness Magazine

    Ramona on UltraSport Fitness Magazine

    Ramona’s very successful career as a Fitness Model was 100% dependent on the fact that she has always “Practiced What She Preaches”.

    During her years as a competitive bodybuilder, she learned the vital role nutrition plays on performance, and although she is no longer competing in any type of sport, she measures her ability to Recover from illnesses such as Lyme disease as another type of ‘performance’ and therefore nutrition (eating Real and Alive foods) is essential to a successful and healthy life.

  • Ramona on Cover of UltraSport Fitness Magazine

    Ramona on Cover of UltraSport Fitness Magazine

    There was a time when Ramona was one of the most photographed bodies in the Fitness Industry.

    Her clients ranged from Danskin Active Wear and Pony Shoes to Cybex Exercise Equipment to Lipton Iced Tea.

    Her simultaneous career as a Personal Trainer and Fitness Expert had her speaking for University’s as well as the Health and Wellness community around the world.

  • Ramona on Women’s Sports and Fitness Magazine Cover

    Ramona on Women’s Sports and Fitness Magazine Cover

    Ramona was once described as the epitome of fitness.

    Back in the day, and in an interview with the editor of “Women’s Sports And Fitness” magazine, Ramona offered advice for women…
    “What you do with your body now is going to be with you for the rest of your life.”

    Today, more than 25 years later, Ramona is proving that statement’s truth!

  • What’s Ramona’s Secret to Health? Far Infrared Therapy

    What’s Ramona’s Secret to Health? Far Infrared Therapy

    One of the great secrets to Ramona’s recovery . . . and to hundreds of friends and family who have followed Ramona’s guidelines and suggestions . . . is Far Infrared. Far Infrared is literally a ‘hot topic’ with hundreds of Far Infrared products and services all claiming to help your body’s own recovery process. Ramona has reviewed literally thousands of Far Infrared products on her website FarInfraredFitness.com. But there is only one technology that meets her standard and creates a “stable” or “pure” Far Infrared wavelength.

    She is on a mission to tell everyone about this amazing system.

  • Fitness Today Is A Lifestyle

    Fitness Today Is A Lifestyle

    Ramona’s fitness program is incorporated into her active lifestyle. She was surprised to discover the many things done throughout the day which can become great workouts.

    Daily activities like gardening and cleaning house can provide plenty of benefits and movement to help anyone become healthier.

    She says you don’t have to go to a gym and kick your butt 3 times a week – walking, dancing, and reaching your arms overhead is more movement than most average Americans are doing these days, so start with that and have fun!

  • Today’s Gratitude

    Today’s Gratitude

    When it comes to living a healthy lifestyle, Ramona understands and incorporates the importance of feeling and expressing Gratitude. Ever since her full recovery from Lyme Disease, she is more passionate than ever to share her message of Health and Healing.

    In her mind, there is no need for Poor Health and she can help you discover that for yourself.




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